English Debate

English Debate

Name: Rizqia Wulan Sari
Team: 21, Second Speaker (Contra)
Motion: This house would allow student to bring mobile phone to school.

In this modern world, most of children want a mobile phone and it’s estimated that over 70% of children aged between 10 and 14 now own one even more. No-one can deny the widespread popularity of new communication technologies. Students argue that being able to use this technology to talk to or text message and use social media to their friends creates a feeling of belonging to a group, but I think they can use that when the school time’s over. In the school time, they can communicate each other directly without mobile phone.

Many parents and teachers are in favor of mobile phone being allowed in schools too. Safety issues are their main concern and they like the reassurance of knowing they could contact their child or reverse anytime if necessary. When the child wants to go home, they can call their parents to pick them up. I think their parents should’ve known what time their child goes home. If someone is running late, the parents can call someone’s at the school for example the teachers.

Mobile phone also has so many functions, such as the internet. The children can get more information and knowledge from the internet. I think the children can use the facilities at their home. If they have a difficulty with their study, they can use their school book or module and if they can’t, they can ask to their teachers or friends. It increases students to being active in the classroom.

On the other hand, school authorities believe that carrying a mobile phone could make a child a more likely target for theft or mugging, both in the school grounds and on the street. Police statistics reveal an increase in the number of crimes committed against young people that involve the theft of mobile phones.

Furthermore, principals and teachers are concerned that student’s concentration could be affected by having phone in the classroom. Instead of focusing on the teacher, students may become distracted by the ringing or the vibrating of the phone or by reading a text message, and many functions that available on their phones, such as cameras. A recent survey in the United States revealed that over 80% of students now cheat by copying homework or exam papers with their mobile phones cameras.

The points of view on the issue of whether mobile phones should be allowed at school clearly show justifiable and valid reasoning. To reduce parent’s fears about the safety and whereabouts of their children and to prevent inappropriate use of mobile phones and reduce the risk of theft and/or mugging, rules and regulations about their use at school could be developed. Phones could be turned off while in class or kept at the administration block until school finishes. Until some agreement can be reached, it would seem that schools might need to ask students to leave their mobile phones at home.


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