Quotations About Letting Go and Move On

And the tears come streaming down your face. When you lose something you can’t replace. When you love someone but it goes to waste. Just what you worth.” ~ Coldplay- Fix You

If you’re giving up like that song, you must wake up and wash your face. Because life must go on.
Just read some quotes here and think twice. Never give up 🙂

When we face betrayal, deception, loss or other bitter life experience, it’s hard to let go, forgive or forget. We find ourselves trapped in a dark cell of our own emotions and memories and it seems that this soul imprisonment is going to last forever. The good news is – time heals almost everything and even though it seems like the wounds of your soul would never stop hurting, there will be a day when you won’t feel the pain anymore. You just have to be patient and move on. In the meantime – read our finest quotes about letting go and moving on in your life.

Forgiveness is for your own sake. (R. Sharma)

Making mistakes is human, but forgiving is divine. (A. Popas)

We can forgive the diamond its sharp edges, because it will be a total waste to make it round. (R. A. Shumann)

The worst thing our enemy can do is teaching us hatred. (P. Buast)

Give us the Sun and we will soon miss the ice. (J. V. Goethe)

Yearning for a better, brighter, more beautiful and sensitive life is borne in pain. (J. Marcinkevicius)

Sorrow, pity and despair are the passing by hardships that don’t root in our souls. And we know by experience how deceptive the bitter thought about the perpetuity of our distress is. (J. J. Roseau)

Distress often prepares a place for success. A great many fell just to make it one step higher. (L. A. Seneca)

Memories cannot cure loneliness, they only deepen it. (G. Flaubert)

Goodbyes are always like obscure deaths. (French proverb)

Relationship can be fragile, just like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave it broken, than to cut your hands picking up the fragments. (Unknown)

Life is an art of finding joy in everything. (M. Gorky)

I can fully remember what needs to be forgotten. (R. L. Stevenson)

One shouldn’t carry all his memories along. It’s a heavy luggage, unless you’re so old, there’s nothing left, but memories. (E. M. Remarque)

Death full of warmth and loyalty is better than cold and faithless life. (H. Heine)

Laughter is like the Sun – it chases winter away from our heart. (V. Hugo)

Laughter relieves stress, because it puts your mind at rest. (Aristotle)

Time is a wonderful teacher, though it kills his students. (H. Berlioz)

The biggest life barrier is waiting. It depends upon tomorrow and kills today. You’re trying to be in charge of your destiny, forgetting what’s in your hands now. What are you waiting for? Where are you going? Everything that will pass is unclear right now, therefore live today. (L. A. Seneca)

Happy is the man, who went through the worst and the best things, life had in store for him. He quietly suffered the strikes of fate and is no longer afraid of failure. (Seneca)

Music is the best comfort for a man in sorrow. (Luther)

If there was no death, life wouldn’t seem so beautiful. (Unknown)

Ending a friendship is the same like hindering the Sun. (D. Erasmus)

There is no point keeping unto the past, for it has no power over the present. (C. Dickens)

One can embrace the past so passionately that there will be no place left for the present. (J. Glidewell)

The past and the present are our tools, but the future is our sole purpose. (B. Pascal)

The world hates changes, but it’s the only way for progress. (C. Kettering)

Don’t be afraid to move on. You might lose something precious, but will probably gain something more valuable. (Unknown)


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