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Name                           :  Rizqia Wulan Sari

Birth Place                :  Pemalang

Birth Date                  :  August, 11th 1993

Religion                     :  Islam

Blood Type                :  A

Citizenship                :  Indonesian

Gender                       :  Female

Home Address          :  Jl. Cabe Indah I RT 05/09 No. 53 Kebon Duren – Cipayung

Ciputat, South Tangerang – Banten





My Short Story


My name is Rizqia Wulan Sari. My friends usually call me Rizqia. I’m an Indonesian.  I graduated from SMKN 18 Jakarta in South Jakarta in 2011. I majored in Office Administration.  I’m from Pemalang – Central Java, but now I live at Jl. Cabe Indah I No. 53 RT 005/009 Kebon Duren Cipayung, Ciputat – South Tangerang.  I was born on August, 11th 1993.  My hobbies are reading, listening to music, and cooking. I like listening to R n B, Pop Rock, and Hip Hop music.  I like Italian food, Japanese food, and Indonesian food.  I like ice cream, milk, and chocolate too.  I like sports, such as badminton, basket ball, and bicycling.


I’m from a small family. I have father, mother and one younger brother.  My father’s name is M. Khoeri. He is an entrepreneur or a trader. He is 40 years old.  My mother’s name is Kartijah.  She is a home maker. She is 39 years old. I have one younger brother and no sister.  My younger brother’s name is Deva Aziz Ramadhan. He is 11 years old.  He is a smart boy.  He is an elementary student, in grade six.  He usually plays football and rides bicycle in his spare time.


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